Life with Diabetes

Just under 4 weeks ago at about 5.30 am, I was rushed from Bowshar Ployclinic to the Royal Hospital with blood sugar levels were 15.6 and rising. This is when I was diagnosed with diabetes, this came to a shock to all of us since 5 weeks prior to that my random glucose check was 6.2.

Anyway going back to getting diagnosed and my experience of a prick on the finger and an ECG, the doctor on duty had me rushed to the Royal Hospital (my only thoughts were what about N my little boy, Aiman and my Parents) for a full profile of all my organs – I already had a needle and hospital phobia so I was pretty petrified!. My blood sugar was 16.8. I was admitted in hospital (to be released – maybe) that’s when they tagged me (hate those things). Guess what with my blood sugar at 12 I was released without meds!!! – NO COMMENTS

My parents managed 2  diabetologist  in my local health centre who are brilliant, where they recommended more tests and after that injections, the thought of injecting myself again (I had gestational diabetes – pregnancy)  again was scaring me, a transfer to the  National Centre for Endocrine and Diabetes, was where I met the diabetes team also another Brilliant doctor. – dedicated team unlike my experience with Royal Hospital.

I couldn’t believe how well I looked but how poorly I actually was – I suppose the change in my life style helped. It has prepared me for this.

My Mon and Dad do not believe that I should be telling the world about this, my take is why hide it, I was not suffering from anything when morbidly obese, no symptoms of anything that come with being diabetic till today nothing,  and now I am diabetic on meds and injections.

I believe that my recent change in lifestyle has prepared me for this, only I can change my current situation which I am, with the help of my family. Learning about all this to stabalise my blood sugar levels has not been easy and is a learning curve.

The support I have from my family is unbelievable from my parents (who are worried about their 44 year old daughter, like i was 5 years old), my Husband @aimansabil, my son, my sister @chris_in_oman and my sisterinlaws, and Delia.

I believe that an immense part of diabetes is the mental health aspect to it  & recognizing that life with it doesn’t have to be frightening or a dietary death sentence.


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